Certifying Operator Training

Implement a proven methodology for transforming a stale or inefficient training process to meet the needs of today’s workforce and business demands to reduce discrepancies.

COT accelerates critical employee knowledge and skills necessary to run your operations. Selected “key” operators, team leaders or supervisors complete a structured training program that focuses on using job-specific training documents and videos to “Certify” new operators. This program also accelerates cross-training that encourages a more versatile workforce. Finally, the process can be used to refresh and reinforce knowledge to ensure that operators continue to use standardized methods long term.

Making COT work for your organization.

By gaining the perspective of new and existing operators, along with your training team, we begin by analyzing what’s working and where innovation can improve your training process.

We utilize a What-How-Why model to ensure that material is covered at multiple stages of the new hire’s training process. Repetitive exposure that deepens the trainee’s understanding over time makes for better absorption and retention of the material.

Best-practices for training adult-learners are applied.

We remove existing time-bound standards for assessing competencies and use a phased approach to allow trainees individualized instruction to successfully master material before moving to the next phase of training.

Training materials include a template of general knowledge that is required. This template is then customized by adding knowledge that is essential at specific process steps. The templates are Excel spreadsheets that are easy to update for all levels of computer users.

We demonstrate how to implement a Layered Process Audit (LPA) approach to ensure training retention one month, two months and three months after operators complete the training program.

We ensure best practices are incorporated every step of the way.

We will meet you where you are.

We have several options for implementing Certifying Operator Training in your organization to fit your specific needs and budget. Choose from the following options:

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