First Pass Yield and On-time Delivery

Client: Electric Battery Manufacturer


An Electric Battery manufacturer reached out to The Luminous Group to help improve output of their plant to meet their growing customer demand. The manufacturing plant was having issues utilizing a new high tech manufacturing process that was making it hard for them to reach their customer demand and daily output requirements. The first pass yield of one operation was 30% before The Luminous Group came on-site to help improve their total output.

Causing further concern, all of the modules that did not pass inspection had to go through a labor-intensive time-consuming rework process IF possible, and their key customer was threatening resourcing the product.


The Luminous Group consultant team worked quickly given the tight budget and urgency from the customer. Our team went on-site to assess their entire manufacturing line and identified top bottlenecks in their manufacturing process. We implemented a data gathering system to better track defects. The Luminous Group team isolated variation going into their new technology manufacturing process as the core problem. After uncovering root-causes, we were able to greatly improve the first pass yield of their manufacturing operation.


The Luminous group was able to drastically improve the efficiency of this EV Battery manufacturer with our expertise and give them annual benefit of over twenty million dollars a year with an initial investment of $300,000.   This is a return of 66 times their investment within a year.