FMEA in a New Light: What Will You Improve?

This month, the new AIAG VDA Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Handbook became available. Compliance requirements to the more structured approach described in the new handbook are still to be determined by OEMs and other customer entities. While there are some new ideas in that document, the core risk analysis and problem prevention thinking that have been present in prior FMEA guidelines are now given more emphasis.

Over the past quarter, our blog posts have explored how FMEA can improve your business. We’ve looked at four mind-sets that will help you get better results, and get them quicker, by looking at FMEA in a new light. These essential mind sets will take your FMEAs beyond compliance (to the old or new guidelines) so that you can use FMEA to leverage people involvement, organizational knowledge, problem prevention and continuous improvement within your organization.

People: improve the ways that team members plan and execute new products and processes – resulting in improved business results that make everybody feel good about their involvement.

Information: treat FMEA as a living document, making it central to an ongoing process of planning that drives better results for your business.

Preventive Thinking: drive down the cost of reacting to problems by providing the management support for FMEA in order to maximize cost savings.

Continuous Improvement: use FMEA to proactively drive continuous improvement projects in your company by using FMEA as a living roadmap which shows you the risky bumps in the road to address next.

Taking the Next Step

Are you ready to make concrete improvements by thinking differently about using FMEA? The Luminous Group can help.

In our “Bringing FMEA to Life” video series, Rich Nave and I share our insights on how your organization can better implement and benefit from FMEA activities.

The Luminous Group wants to make it easier for companies to start this change in thinking and accelerate excellence. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.



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