Improving Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Improve Uptime, Efficiency and Productivity of Operations

Client: Metal Processor (80 employees)

Problem / Situation

  • Increased customer demand
  • Constraints on capital spending
  • Increasing costs and little excess capacity preventing them from obtaining new business.


Utilizing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) philosophy, we conducted a two month project working three to four days per week. We first observed how work was performed, analyzed baseline metrics and identified major barriers to best possible productivity. Lineside assessments were conducted, with focus on the job set-up process. Numerous conversations with operators and staff supporting the line provided insights into the culture of the area, issues impeding productivity as well as ideas for improvement.

Key components of this engagement were workshops to develop equipment-specific Layered Procss Audits and reduce job set-up cycle time, along with bi-weekly progress reviews with top management.


This project was successful in launching a systematic approach to achieve significantly higher productivity in the area of study. Modifications were made in tooling, process flow, maintenance practices and workplace organization (5S). Steady improvements in the following metrics have been observed post-project:

  • Productive uptime
  • Set-up time (average time reduced and variation reduced)
  • Efficiency (as measured by pieces per run time hour)
  • Output (total pieces per month)

Estimated Investment and Savings

Investment of $40,000. Estimated payback of $ 250,000 annually

Plans were put in place for this approach to be replicated by internal resources to other areas of the plant.





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