Kick the Tires of your Plant Operating System

You don’t need us or any outsider to kick the tires of your plant operating system. You can do that on your own. But please read on if you would benefit from knowing (not guessing) how to make more parts that meet all requirements, with the least amount of cost and effort.

We Help you Move the Needle to Achieve Better Results

If your plant manager is frustrated by…

  • Repeat customer quality issues
  • Costs of 3rd party sorts or fears of recalls
  • Some seeing ISO/IATF as a ‘cost of doing business’
  • Quality System audits that are only a veneer
  • Many ‘small’ problems that add-up to big losses
  • 8Ds or CARs that have no impact

…then we should talk.

We offer a one-day Plant Operating System ‘health-check’… A structured, focused assessment that gives you and your leadership team valuable guidance to help you improve what you do, while reducing efforts and costs of manufacturing operations.

More than “Kicking The Tires”, it’s a Health Check

Many clients and their suppliers benefit from this structured assessment or “Health Check” which evaluates how people work together (or not), Internal Audits, CA/PA and Management Review processes. The premise is that when you do a good job at those elements, everything else falls into place.

We bring a fresh set of eyes and provide coaching, while on-site, to the responsible folks and top leadership to use those elements to make your Operation more profitable — and improve customer satisfaction.

Deliverables of this Health Check include a summary report with a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) related to your Plant Operating System.

  • If you’re doing pretty well – we’ll show you how to get even better
  • If you’re fair – we’ll save you a lot of money
  • If your plant is out of control – we’ll help you get your life back

We show you how to Prevent Defects, while Making More Parts each Day

The key to competitiveness and profitability is Prevention. Some of our clients invite us back every year for a diagnostic and prescription to be healthier. Just like an annual physical examination, it could be for reassurance, to catch a problem before it becomes serious, or to begin treatment of a persistent problem.

If you’d like to know more about a health check for your plant or suppliers, please contact us at



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