Overcoming Inertia

What do you do on Monday mornings? Do you work on:

  • The email, phone call or other request that first grabs your attention?
  • Something you didn’t get to last week?
  • Whatever your boss or customer is pushing you to do?
  • A project or task that has a near term deadline?
  • The most important thing on your list?

Most people candidly answer one of the first four, though they know # 5 is the best answer. While we intend to make our organizations better and advance our personal goals, inertia often gets in the way. And sometimes, we don’t even have clarity on what is most important.

Inertia = a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

I’m not so worried about people doing nothing, but I know that many organizations remain unchanged. Customer problems repeat, First time yield (FTY) hangs around the same level, employee turnover or some other painful issue persists.

Inertia can be a very strong force in an organization. Few people want to rock the boat. Fewer people know how to rock the boat tactfully without turning others off.

One concept we like is mandatory Monday morning work. It’s not add-on work or something you do when you have extra time. Are there one or two things that you must do to make some progress on big goals each week? Something so important that you have to complete it or else you’ll be on the same plateau next month, or even next year?

If you let it slip to Tuesday… maybe you’ll get to it Thursday… or Friday .. or maybe next week. Yes, it can be hard to overcome inertia.

Will 2020 look different?

As we head into the second half of 2018, consider what you, your department, plant and company are doing to overcome inertia. How will you set your 2020 objectives (only 18 months away!). Who will you go to for help? Will you work on problems as they arise; or do you use problems that arise to work on correcting systemic weaknesses?

It’s hard work. But it can be done, one Monday morning at a time.

The Luminous Group has been around for over 18 years. We have a strong team of bright consultants who can help you define the right goals and then achieve them. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations with strategies, methods and tools to drive change, reduce risk and decrease costs.

My goal is to expand our influence in U.S. manufacturing companies and their suppliers. We can help them:

  • Identify what’s most important
  • Do more things right the first time
  • Be more efficient
  • Make more money

If you’d like some specific ideas to help your team, or know someone I should talk with, give me a call and I’d be glad to help.


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