Problem Solving

Treat the symptoms, not the illness.

A disciplined problem solving approach helps you improve operational and financial performance by identifying the underlying causes of costly or recurring problems, then treating those causes to eliminate those problems.

We have found in many organizations that problem solving is masked in forms, templates and systems that track activities related to quality problems but don’t focus on the key task of determining the root cause of the problem. Without a known cause (or causes) there cannot be an effective corrective action (solution), and preventive actions are meaningless.

How do you uncover the causes of recurring problems?

Solving costly or recurring problems requires targeted analysis. Some of our most popular problem solving tools include:

  • 8-D
  • Is / Is Not Analysis
  • Fishbone Diagrams
  • 5-Why

If you would like to receive a copy of any of these problem solving tools, submit your request through our Contact Page.

The Luminous Group is well-versed in leading work teams through a variety of problem solving tools to address plant floor issues. We take pride in applying our expertise by providing a fresh set of eyes to examine processes in large and small design and manufacturing companies.

What we will do for you

Our problem solving services start with problem containment to protect downstream customers, and follow the process right through to embedding the fix within your culture. This ensures that corrective actions are held in place and permanent corrective actions designed to control the root cause are shared with similar processes and systems within your organization. More importantly, by participating in facilitated problem solving sessions, your team will hone their skills in problem solving techniques and gain a deeper understanding of how to apply these tools to future issues.

We also offer problem solving training workshops to help you identify and correct the causes of your recurring problems.