Illuminate opportunities.
Eliminate problems.
Accelerate results.

With people-focused, action-packed process improvement consulting from The Luminous Group.


Get more things right the first time.

Process improvement consulting from The Luminous Group illuminates opportunities for excellence—while focusing on the people that bring it to light.


See and solve your biggest production problems

Partnering with The Luminous Group can enhance performance in a variety of ways—and in a fraction of the time of in-house efforts.

Integrate a critical new perspective.

Harness the best manufacturing strategies from around the world.

Jumpstart and train a new workflow.

Enhance your resources to get you over the hump.

Transform an entire workplace culture.


Close costly gaps.

We use proven process improvement strategies, methods, and audits to make sure you get the greatest visibility of your manufacturing floor.

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Lean Manufacturing Methodology

Effective Problem-Solving tools

Layered Process Audits

Our hands-on approach allows you to leverage what you are doing right—while addressing process improvement opportunities from tools to training to teamwork.


Turn opportunities for improvement into opportunities for excellence.

Maintaining a reputation for quality —while driving a strong bottom line—depends on all the pieces you put in place before production begins. It starts (and ends) with the right people, the right training, the right tools, and a mindset for continuous improvement.

Navigating improved processes is complex. Stakeholder resistance is common—and it’s crippling if not addressed. That’s why our action-oriented process improvement consulting goes beyond the laundry list of OFIs—and includes action-oriented solutions that meet you and your teams exactly where they are in terms of skills, training, and change management.


Enhance employee satisfaction —and customer confidence.

The most successful and trusted manufacturers in the industry aren’t the most innovative, technologically advanced, or heavily staffed.

They simply build upon the basics, brilliantly.

Whether you need to optimize productivity, reduce waste, or cut costs, we help our industrial and manufacturing partners create high-performance processes that engage their teams, fuel their workflows, and move the needle in the right direction.


“You fit our culture perfectly by valuing our time and providing prompt responses that demonstrated you really listened to us and designed solutions specifically to meet our needs.

Director, Engineering Processes


2x repeat customer

We meet you where you are.

Illuminate improvement with these three steps.


Talk to Our Team

Our Intro + Discovery call helps us both determine if we’re a fit for your challenges, your goals, and your project considerations. Bring your questions—we’re here to help!


Watch the Transformation

Once it’s official, we will embed ourselves in your company, addressing efficiency, quality, and cost-saving opportunities alongside “drumbeat meetings” that keep the project on track.


Keep the Momentum Going

In addition to process improvement strategies, we’ll also provide change management coaching to hold them in place, so that your company is poised for peak performance.


We design our reports to gather data—not dust.

We don’t just point out problems.
We bring solutions that work for you.

Our people-focused, process-centric partnership helps transform your teams—and your performance.

The Luminous Guarantee

When we say we’re committed to your success, we mean it. If you’re not satisfied with our efforts, you’ll pay no fee. Period.


“I learned very quickly that your motto of ‘meeting your customer where they are’ is not just something you say, but accurately represents the way you do business.

You consistently go above and beyond our expectations. Our regular ‘drumbeat meetings’ are a perfect example of this. These meetings are outstanding.”

Supplier Quality Manager

Tier One Electrical Supplier

Give your challenges—and your teams—the attention and tools they need.

From your production floor to out-the-door, The Luminous Group’s quality consultants help manufacturers drive high-performance changes that stick.

Our clients typically initiate our consulting services to address a quality crisis. If you’re looking to maintain your competitive advantage, improve parts production, and prevent quality notices, our highly tailored training, and audit options can help.


I received a quality notice from my customer. How can I show them we’re still a supplier they can count on?

First off, you’ll need to respond quickly, with facts and a strong plan. We suggest you keep one step ahead of their communication frequency and develop a sound plan for recovery with a process improvement strategy that can meet or exceed their expectations.

At The Luminous Group, we typically help clients with:

  1. A reactive set of actions to address the QNs and the systemic patterns they represent.
  2. A proactive path forward. For example, implementing a read-across, improving FMEAs, adding more cross-functional involvement, etc.

In addition to having one strong point of contact for the client, we also recommend a third-party assessment. This will not only help you better define the gaps that need to be addressed by the action plans, but it also helps bolster customer trust and confidence as it shows how seriously you are taking their concerns. Click here to get your solution started.

We're under pressure to get more parts out per day, but we're pushing as hard as we can. How can you help?

Pushing hard might be the problem—or it may just be highlighting breakdowns or barriers in your training, processes, and performance.

In our experience, throughput issues might be caused by unplanned maintenance, employees who are not fully trained, poor scheduling, low first-pass yield, a workflow with unaddressed constraints and blocks, or other reasons.

As people-focused, process-centered problem solvers, we’d start with a look around to clearly define the problem, and then work with your assigned individuals to get relief quickly. Whatever you do, we’d recommend booking a consultation sooner rather than later—pressure on the line rarely relieves itself!

We've tried to introduce new methods in the past, but our teams are highly resistant to change. How is your approach different?

At The Luminous Group, we’ve worked with companies—and teams and individuals—for more than 20 years. If those decades have taught us anything it’s this:

Processes can’t work FOR you unless your people work WITH you.

We offer change management consulting as a part of our process improvement support specifically because we know people just as well as we know processes—and people are wired to resist change.

They are also your strongest asset in your quest for quality.

We understand that when a new process improvement strategy, method, tool, or task is introduced, there is the outer change that we see and the inner change that needs to happen “between the ears.” That’s why we help you and your top leadership introduce change by starting with what won’t—by building on the core principles that are going well, we can help people understand why change is not only necessary, but why making certain improvements can make their products, their performance, and even their jobs better. It also gives us an opportunity to transform teams into stakeholders, which can be quite an asset when building a culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Find out more about our process improvement and change management approach here.