Better tools.
Better training.
Better performance.

Give your team the skills, tools, and confidence they need to address risks, prevent problems, and improve every process.

Are you training your teams to close a gap—or check a box?

Your teams are your first line of defense when it comes to optimizing quality and performance—and avoiding high-cost setbacks.

Manufacturing companies hire The Luminous Group when they want to:

Reduce waste, scrap, and risk —and optimize performance.

Quickly address quality issues and ensure they don’t recur.

Design robust processes and highly reliable products.

Anticipate and prevent launch problems.

Enhance predictability and confidence in their work processes.



Better performance starts with better training.

Give your team the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to immediately make a positive impact where it matters most—right from your manufacturing floor.


Get your teams up to speed —and on the same page.

Our customized workshops have helped some clients save as much as $250,000 in waste and inefficiencies within months of engagement.

Strengthen your customer confidence and your bottom line with the following training programs:

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Problem Solving

Layered Process Audits (LPA)

Project Management


Start in the classroom—and connect directly to the manufacturing floor.

Our expert instructors not only meet teams where they are—they’ve been where they are.

Our training facilitators personally and professionally connect the training with each participant and how it can improve their performance.

We also tackle why people naturally resist change—and what teams and leaders can do to increase buy-in.

Our clients regularly report adoption rates that exceed their expectations.


Build employee buy-in—and a quality culture.

Many manufacturing companies opt for out-of-the-box training solutions that do little more than restate the textbook.

However, without a clear emphasis on the “how” and the “why,” companies struggle to make changes stick.

Our tailored approach ensures maximum skill adhesion and team buy-in—so you don’t just get a workshop, you also get results.


“The Luminous Group is the most professional training organization I have ever dealt with. It is apparent that you are truly passionate about achieving improvements through this workshop.”

Six Sigma Black Belt
Components Manufacturer


We meet you where you are.

Our live course facilitation is always customized to your situation, location preference, and the current skills of your team.


Virtual workshops offer focused training, interactive instruction, and improved performance —without the travel expenses.

  • Shorter training sessions fit into the workday.
  • Time between sessions to practice and absorb.
  • Great option for work-from-home employees.


Onsite facilitation offers face-to-face coaching, hands-on instruction, and instant implementation.

  • Dedicated training days hold attention and retention.
  • Direct association of training material to day-to-day activities.
  • Great option for leaders seeking high engagement and buy-in.
“I was not planning on attending the training, I just dropped in to see a few minutes. It was so valuable, I stayed for the whole training.”
Plant Maintenance Manager
Components Manufacturer


  • Job Set-Up Error Proofing & Optimization
  • Shop Floor Effectiveness
  • Understanding and Using Process Control Plans
  • Strategic Planning for Quality
  • Program & Risk Management
  • Quality Systems Basics (QSB)
  • Error Proofing
  • Process Mapping
  • Measurement Systems Analysis/GR&R


  • 5S & Visual Workplace
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Overview for Support Services
  • Statistical Concepts — Online Learning (“Process Control Coach” eLearning)
  • Managing Variability for Competitive Advantage
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance (GD&T)


  • Problem Solving Concepts for Operations Management
  • Problem Solving for Engineers and Detectives
  • Advanced Problem Solving with Quantitative Methods (deductive reasoning)
  • Problem Solving Principles for Non-Technical Personnel
  • 5-Whys – Efficient Problem Solving


  • ISO/TS 16949 requirements and 3rd-party Internal Auditing
  • ISO 9001 Implementation
  • ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training


  • Improving Team Communication via Understanding Style Preferences
  • Communication, Supervisory, Leadership and Business Skill Curriculum
  • Personal Productivity


  • Supplier Development and Cost Reduction
  • Supplier Audits vs. QMS Standards

Not sure where to start? Need a customized training plan?

We helped write the book on LPA.

The Luminous Group is a proud contributor to the Layered Process Audits Guideline 2nd Edition.


“A company like The Luminous Group, which can step in and provide an organization with the resources to meet objectives

without the burden of adding full-time people, is not only valuable but is becoming a necessity moving forward.”

Plant Manager
Automotive Tier One Supplier
5x repeat customer


We don’t copy and paste.
We triage and tailor.

Because certification alone doesn’t guarantee certifiable results.

We know that training doesn’t transform manufacturing floors—people do. Our hands-on approach pairs certification-level best practices with practical, on-site examples, which means teams directly apply what they’ve learned to what they do every day.

We take the time to get to know every company and team we train—and use customized conceptual models to drive key takeaways home.


Every training we offer can include:

A pre-workshop session with leadership to align everyone on training goals, session expectations, and how to best support the training during and after the workshop.

A post-workshop debrief with trainees and leadership to present the learnings and identify how to best embed and apply the training as teams return to work with the new skills.

Organizational change insight and expertise to reduce behavioral friction and mindset resistance as new processes and protocols are deployed.

Ongoing support, tools, and tailored accountability as needed to ensure the training “sticks.” Our support doesn’t end with the workshops as our goal is to help you improve.

The Luminous Guarantee

When we say we’re committed to your success, we mean it. If you’re not satisfied with our efforts, you’ll pay no fee. Period.


“I believe your methodology works because it targets the total system rather than just the symptoms.”

Supplier Quality Manager

Global Vehicle Manufacturer
3x repeat customer

Online. On-site.

Get the training you need—whenever, wherever you need it.

Our automotive clients typically use our training services to maintain their competitive advantage and prevent performance issues. For more accelerated and focused problem-solving, please explore our process improvement consulting or the services in our audit portfolio.


How are you different from "off-the-shelf" certification programs?

While marketed well and having mass appeal, off-the-shelf process improvement training programs are usually one-directional—they focus on sharing the material, not developing the people who have to engage, embed, and apply the learnings.

At The Luminous Group, we pride ourselves on:

  1. Our training materials
  2. The hands-on, interactive activities within our training
  3. The real-world experience of our trainers and their ability to relate to the training participants.

We know our company partners want more than “just” the training—they want teams who are confident in the material, its application, and its impact on performance. Our approach ensures just that. Click here to learn more.

How fast can I get a workshop together?
To ensure appropriate planning—on your part and on ours—our workshops can be provided within 4 to 6 weeks of the initial call. Occasionally we can do as quickly as two weeks, so if you need a last-minute workshop, it’s always a good idea to contact us as soon as possible to check our availability.
How do I know what training will best support our goals—and in what order to do them?

First, we want to acknowledge your proactive intention here—knowing there is an ideal “order to things” is a great way to make sure your teams maximize and sustain training gains. The good news is that there isn’t usually one way to go about this—and it usually only takes one or two meetings to create a training program based on your exact situation and the outcomes you want to achieve.

My customer no longer requires this training. Why should I still do it?

That’s an excellent question—and, the truth is, maybe you shouldn’t. But before you eliminate “unnecessary” training, consider the value it is supposed to bring and the expectation it tends to set—not only for your client but for the optimum performance of your entire team and company culture.

In our experience, clients get the best results when they choose training, strategies, and methods because it’s the best thing for them, rather than because it was a customer requirement.

If you’re not sure if training can enhance your performance, click here to talk to our team. We’ll be happy to answer your questions so you can make the best decision for your goals.

My teams are stretched thin as it is and don't have time for training. How can you help?
That is a realistic challenge, and, the truth is, making time for training can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are ways to start small, focused, and driven toward meaningful results. If we can help you move the needle with small investments of time, perhaps leaders and participants will begin to create the space and budget for longer, larger training workshops that can accelerate performance gains.

In the past, training would typically require full-day instruction. Now, with virtual training as an easy, accessible option, we have created training programs in lighter lifts and shorter durations that are easier to manage even on the busiest of days.

Want a customized training schedule that fits your performance needs? Click here to talk to our team.