Project Management

Increase project effectiveness by planning your critical steps.

See greater success with your projects by improving your approach to project planning and execution. The Luminous Group’s Project Management workshop:

Provides consistency in how projects are planned and executed

Introduces a straight forward project management methodology

Gives you the tools to anticipate and prevent problems

Reduces risk in project plans by helping you think through and prepare for high-risk events

Workshop Design

This is an application-intensive two-day workshop developed around eight common-sense questions that should be answered for all projects regardless of size or complexity. It is most effective when used with intact teams responsible for planning or starting a new project. Through the workshop, teams will develop a project notebook including timelines, risk assessments and other helpful tools. This allows real work to get done during the training workshop, improving the results of the project at hand while enhancing the project management skills of participants.

Alternative delivery includes training in MS Project and a skill-building module focused on managing customer change requests.

Proven Project Management tools bring greater control to your most important projects.

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The Luminous Group has led hundreds of companies in process improvement. We have been around since 1999, and each of our consultants has more than 30 years of experience in their field. We have facilitated hundreds of Project Management training workshops and engagements, and we utilize our experience with many companies like yours to nurture an impactful learning environment.


“Evaluation ratings from participants were very high. You seemed to become familiar with the organization after only a couple classes. Your industry background allowed you to relate to the participants and enhanced your credibility. The surveys conducted at the end of the first session helped you to shape a very effective generic case study for the packaging industry so that people from each of our different organizations could all relate to the materials.”

Engineering Quality Systems Manager

Glass Manufacturer