Santa’s Workshop Improves Productivity 23% in 2022

The Challenge

Murray Sittsamer, president of The Luminous Group with Santa Claus, CEO of Santa’s Workshop, Inc.

In 2022, Santa’s Workshop, Inc. was severely impacted by supply chain issues and labor shortages, jeopardizing their ability to meet the 3% increase in global customer demand.


With unpredicted inflation leading to skyrocketing product costs, CFO Cookie “Cutter” Claus threatened the CEO, Mr. Santa Claus, with belt tightening to prevent the operation from going into the red.

Meanwhile, Candy Cane, VP of Human Resources, was struggling with many of the senior elves retiring or resigning.  There were frustrations with mandatory overtime, shortages of microchips and other toy components.

Making matters worse, a group of naughty elves were so distracted by TikTok, Bitcoin and Twitter that they were joining the ranks of quiet-quitters, jolting productivity and quality metrics.  “Everyone is discouraged,” Candy Cane continued, “I don’t think the elves will have a Christmas break this year!”

With the enterprise going South, Mr. Claus texted two of his top suppliers for advice.  The first supplier gave Mr. Claus a frosty reception.  But then Mr. Claus was referred to The Luminous Group and things quickly were looking brighter.  After an initial meeting with Luminous Business Development leader, Daniel “Dancer” Katto at a local shopping mall, Claus became confident that The Luminous Group could help.

The Solution

The Luminous Group project team, led by Richard “Rudolf” Nave, used their knowledge of output improvement and scrap reduction to rescue Santa’s Workshop.  Dr. Ken “Comet” Woodside helped managers and supervisors develop skills to prepare all team members to contribute to the needed process improvements.  Luminous senior consultants helped the elves put outdated work practices on the shelf and accept better ways to work together.

To sustain the improvements, The Luminous Group introduced a process verification system for leaders to guide the way.  Finally, in early December, the project was wrapped-up by a final presentation led by Lynne “Dasher” Leslie, Program Manager of The Luminous Group.

According to Murray “Merry” Sittsamer, president of The Luminous Group, this project was a shining example of how his brilliant team of consultants could produce seemingly miraculous results.  “In the nick of time, The Luminous Group was able to help Santa’s Workshop improve output, reduce scrap and improve their overall production by over 23%.“  When asked for his comments, Santa’s eyes were misty.  He could only say “Ho Ho Ho.”

If you think we could help you like we helped Santa Claus, just give us a jingle!

Happy Holidays!

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