Supplier Development

Being a Supplier is Challenging

The Luminous Group works with Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality leaders who are:

● Frustrated by unexpected or repeat quality issues
● Under pressure to reduce costs
● Working too hard to get good product out the door

Our services include work team facilitation, management coaching and training workshops in a variety of topics. We give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to reach their goals.

Prevent Defects and Make More Parts per Hour.

Before, during and after product launch, we help manufacturers and their suppliers reduce scrap, rework, customer issues and warranty costs.

We help teams solve design and process problems, reduce variation, improve throughput / capacity, advance their problem solving skills, and strengthen internal audit processes. We teach companies to improve utilization of FMEA so they can accelerate their quality learning curve and prevent issues.

We do all that through coaching that simplifies the tools and encourages people to see the value of doing things right the first time.

Projects Designed to

Our services range from training workshops, to work team facilitation to improvement consulting engagements.

We believe the key to workplace improvement lies in some basic principles. We bring this to light by working with you to identify a model area – one with the most difficult or costly problems.


Once identified, we:

Coach your people in the model area


Provide coaching to your manufacturing leaders to support change


Bring accountability to the change effort


Leave you with a process that can be replicated in other areas


Ensure employees know their roles, manage their own processes and are directly involved in achieving the desired results

We focus on process tools and organizational development methods to help you improve Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We don’t mind being held accountable to that.

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