What Does 2019 Hold For You?

2018 was a good year for The Luminous Group and many of our clients.  Internally, we’ve updated some of our training materials because we want your team and company to perform better than ever.

2019 could be a very challenging year. We’re due for a downturn in the economy, as we can see in the recent pull-back in the stock market. The warnings are clear and present. Ford and General Motors have announced extensive corporate restructuring resulting in layoffs of tens of thousands of employees. Will the impact to engineering and manufacturing businesses be as extensive as it was in 2008?

If I have your attention, you understand this is the time to act to mitigate risks of business loss and leverage opportunities to improve your processes. Will you struggle to survive, or will you thrive by cutting work waste and getting more things right the first time?

We Want Your Company to Perform Better

Clients sometimes come to us for our experience and fresh eyes to drive improvement. Other times our focused workshops give teams the tools and knowledge they need to work smarter.

In the past year, we’ve completed the following:

  • Revised our 8D/Root Cause Problem Solving training materials. They can be delivered as an on-site workshop or via a series of web meetings.
  • Revised our Project Management training materials. Along with FMEA, Problem Solving and LPA, Project Management continues to be one of our most frequently requested workshops.
  • Increased our on-line and video training offerings.
  • Designed and piloted a new methodology for process innovation and customer discovery. Results include major changes to enhance the process users’ and customers’ experience and capitalize on technology to achieve greater productivity.
  • Updated the layout and content on our website, LuminousGroup.com
  • Studied the drafted AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook, and provided comments and suggestions to the review committee. Our new FMEA training materials will be available soon.
  • We’re working with more software providers who help our clients with APQP, FMEA, LPA and Problem Solving/Lessons Learned software solutions.
  • We started offering customized training in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Project, SharePoint) to help clients learn new functions, which improve the productivity of their professional staff.
  • Initiated a LinkedIn member LPA group. Members of this group will promote and be a resource for the industry, at large, working to implement or get the kinks out of their LPA process verification strategy. [https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12166916/]
  • We proudly promoted product innovation in Michigan by sponsoring the first ever “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan Award” along with The Michigan Manufacturing Association (MMA).

What Can You Do Better in 2019?

It’s been a good year, and fun year. Now’s the time to set your sites on 2019 objectives.  We can help your plants, departments and teams create processes that get more things right the first time. If you’re looking for fresh thoughts to improve quality outcomes and bring more money to your bottom line, send us a note through our Contact page or call us at 248.538.8677.


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