Error Proof Job Set Up

Error Proof Job Set-up

Goal: Error Proof Job Set-Up

Client: Fortune 100 Manufacturer (125 employees)

Problem / Situation

  • Repeat customer complaints
  • Economic penalties assessed by their customer for late/defective shipments
  • Changes to manufacturing process had caused unintended quality risks.


We worked with a cross-functional client team, including strong multi-shift operator involvement, to examine best practices and, as appropriate, create improvement action items. Additionally, we worked with the management team and workshop participants to maintain urgency and subsequently close out action items.


The results of this engagement were substantial and included:
  • Reduced set-up time from 30 minutes to 18 minutes (40% reduction)
  • Corrective actions satisfied customer’s requirement for error proofing
  • Best practices implemented via the workshop are now being applied across the facility

Lessons Learned

Through the unique structure and design of this workshop, our client found that focusing improvement activities with an outside facilitator could produce results beyond their expectations. Operator involvement was a key component in understanding the process and finding low cost, quickly implemented solutions. Furthermore, they found significant untapped opportunities for cycle time savings throughout their business.

Estimated Investment and Savings

Investment of $8,000. Estimated payback of $750,000 annually