Illuminating Excellence

The Luminous Group helps teams, companies, and industries light the best way forward.

What We Do

The Luminous Group works with Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality leaders who struggle with:

● Unexpected or repeat quality issues
● Reducing costs associated with poor quality
● Ineffective or inconsistent internal quality audits
● A lack of leadership, structure, or skills for problem-solving and continuous improvement

Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of companies—and thousands of team members—become more empowered, effective, and efficient with enlightening audits, training, and process improvement consulting.


How We Help

With a multi-disciplinary team of quality engineers and training experts, The Luminous Group is able to quickly mobilize a team with direct experience in the challenges our clients face today. Many of our consultants are ‘young’ retirees from Automotive OEMs who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience related to Process Control, Championing Change and Achieving Excellence. All of the members of The Luminous Group are experts in their fields with a unifying desire to help our clients illuminate excellence.

Where We Started

Founder Murray Sittsamer is the ‘go-to guy’ in the automotive industry for sustainable solutions for recurring and highly complex problems.

With his unique ability to quickly understand how businesses operate, he’s trained and built a team that finds innovative ways to help manufacturing and industry partners engage and empower their most important asset—their people—to improve processes, performance, and profits.

Countries Served

companies transformed by illuminating opportunities

one-size-fits-all solutions offered

Employees upskilled each month

years serving the automotive industry and other companies


Driven by a focus on quality culture.

Godfather of modern business management Peter Drucker said it best—“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

While a sound strategy can certainly set the guardrails for performance, there’s no better driver of company success than the aligned and engaged efforts of its people.

That’s why everything we do at The Luminous Group is centered on building momentum-generating culture—quality culture—from your front-line employees to your C-Suite leaders.

Quality culture is your greatest strategic advantage in the marketplace. It’s a culture of trust, collaboration, and communication. It’s a manufacturing floor humming with the collective efforts of teams who are constantly improving products, processes, and performance. It’s the driving force behind every company with a reputation for reliability, agility, and peak performance.

And it’s the end goal of everything we do.


Moving the Needle

Explore our recent client projects.

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Find out how one EV Battery Manufacturer improved their first-pass yield by 45% – and saved them almost $22M per year.
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Eliminating Recurring Quality Issues

This Tier 1 Powertrain supplier went from struggling with quality issues to saving $1.5M per year with improved processes.
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Improving Operational Efficiency

Find out how this Metal Processer leveraged Layered Process Audits to reduce job set-up times and achieve significant productivity gains.
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Error-Proof Job Set-Up

This Fortune 100 Manufacturer struggled with customer complaints—until it developed best practices that drastically reduced production delays and improved product quality.
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